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Here are some bits and bobs I wrote when I was living in London. 

'Jotta is an online platform exploring collaboration in contemporary art and design.'

While I had the bright lights of London on my doorstep I made the most of it by frequenting many of the art and design exhibitions on show during London Design Festival. Having studied design, this was right down my street. Jotta was great fun as I spent my days out and about in the city visiting shows, taking photographs and interviewing designers. 

You can find some of my writings for Jotta by following these links:

While studying in the capital I also wrote a few pieces for The Future Laboratory, a brand strategy and trend-forecasting company. Check out The Worst Hotel in the World! and Aesop Boutique.

Just before I vacated London for the rolling hills of The Shire I had a brief stint writing an Art Preview for The Londonist.

I currently research and write news stories and features for the local newspaper Malton and Pickering Mercury. At the moment I am in South America, reporting back to the UK audience via regular travel features.

An example of my work can be found here on the Malton and Pickering Mercury Newspaper website or please see some examples below (Click on the articles to enlarge or save them to your desktop and zoom in).

Travel Writing...

Example News stories & Features...

Front page splash

Close up....

       Front page Continued...........

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