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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pack, Pack, Un-Pack and RE-PACK!

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So, the difficulties of backpacking begin! We haven't even left the UK yet and already we've been having luggage issues, *grumble grumble*. Heaving a backpack onto your shoulders within the comfort of your own home is one thing, "Yup, it's fine, no problem!" ... Job done.

However, upon arriving in London and walking a few hundred meters, it turned out to be a whole different ball game. Not only was it an effort to actually get my bag onto my shoulders, but to keep from bumping into Jack (or any other bystander) due to my off-balance stagger was also pretty tricky. As soon as I stepped off the train I felt uncomfortable, awkward and vulnerable. An instant FAIL.

We planned way ahead with our packing list and 'can't do without' items, or so we thought. After multiple edits we thought we were good to go. A GameBoy and a Laptop are surely essential on a long-haul trip? Yup, keep them in the bag!

One day away actually having to carry our 'well packed' backpacks and already we've had to HALVE what we brought.

ORIGINAL items to be packed
The Laptop is going back to Yorkshire. The GameBoy too :( Along with the roll-mats, the Gilet :( , various tops, books, socks, phrase book (did we really need one each?) and so on. 

Final edited items (minus a wash-bag)

A swift trip to the Post Office and now a rather large package is making it's way back home to The Shire. 

Slightly gutted to have just 'wasted' a tenner on the whole saga, but you really can't put a price on comfort. The thought of lugging a heaving, full-to-the-brim of a bag, for 5 days while trekking through Torres Del Paine was the stuff nightmares are made of. I could already feel the sores on my shoulders, the ache in my back, the incessant complaints and whining that would drive Jack and I to despair. Ok, so probably an extremely well spent tenner then. Panic over. This time anyway ;)
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Anonymous said...

Bless you! I would not be able to reduce down my stuff. We move house when we go away for the weekend! bravo love anya

Cass said...

Hey Sis! It's been a right nightmare, down to the bare minimums now! Can't complain though, only a few days until we go and I'm sure we'll be thankful we were ruthless :) xxx

Esther said...

=D (supersupersupperHAPPYface!)

i wish i could fit in2ur bag and then transform into everything you needed upon arrival...then i could come too =D

Anyway, (dreamZzzOVER)
All i have to say is the less the better! in all honestly my trip to india and panama, with (the same) minute backpack and hardly any valuables was such a blessing and allowed even more freeeeeeeedom!

recycle, recycle, reuse, borrow and swappsies!!!



Cass said...

Hey Estie!!

You're sooo right. We knew we needed our bags to be light, but as we're going for 6 months and have to pack clothes for each season, it makes it impossible to take just one or two items. Plus sleeping bags and a tent! But we've reduced it all down as much as we can. To begin with I was like a Turtle! Hunched over and staggering, Jack said if I fell over I'd never be able to get up again, stuck on my back with my limbs punching the air ;) Anyway, I think I've made enough room to fit you in there now, so in you pop! See you tomorrow! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I get to play on the game boy for the next six months???

The article in the 'Mercury' local paper is brilliant, we have plenty of copies for you. Love to you both. J&J xxx

Cass said...

Hey J&J! The GameBoy is indeed on it's way to Mums, amongst lots of other bits to be kept safe for the next 6 months. Can't believe we over-packed! We just didn't realise how much impact it has on you until you actually move, lol. Lots of love. xxx