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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Happy and Relaxed in Bariloche!

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After the unnerving and disheartening disaster of the 'Eco-Park' we fled back to Buenos Aires (ugh) to book a
21 hour bus ride to Bariloche.

Now, this place was not on our itinerary but it looked so amazing that once we realised the 'Eco-Park' was a total no no, we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands :)

On the way to Bariloche, nature made us smile again :)
The city of San Carlos de Bariloche is situated in the Nahuel Huapi National Park on one of the banks of the lake Nahuel Huapi. In the winter it is a ski resort popular with Europeans and Canadians I believe. In the summer, which is now, it is great for hiking and camping. 

The Town Centre
We found ourselves deposited near here, stepping off the long-haul bus tired, worn out, down-spirited (even considering jacking it all in!) The bus took 21 hours from Buenos Aires and munched into our budget by about 100 (unanticipated). But all we wanted to do was find peace, relaxation and cleanliness! Everything so far had been so scuzzy :(

We wandered around in the afternoon sun, totally clueless as to where to go. We found a taxi, and then found a Tourist Info centre, finally some help! We found maps and leaflets and all manner of information, it was like Christmas had come early! The lady, who spoke some English (amazing!) pointed out the hostels and we trucked off to find a bed to rest our weary heads and bodies. 

The Andes in the background
We actually ended up finding ourselves a double room in a hotel for 11.50 squid each, not bad! It's so quiet, so clean and just perfect for us right now. We spent forever showering, washing away all the previous few days filth and disappointments. We were so happy to be clean! To not be afraid to use the toilet! To be able to lie down on a clean, comfortable bed and relax, finally!



I've actually spent the afternoon in the lounge area catching up on all this online stuff, which previously had been a killer pain in the arse, tallying up fees in internet cafes with computers as slow as slugs! I've had this computer all to myself and for free in the comfort of a cosy living room with a Christmas tree, I can't describe how luxurious it feels, even thought it's just nice and simple.

So today we got some errands done (and met a dog), laundry is next on the list! We wandered around the area and enjoyed our time here in South America for the first time since Iguazu Falls (which up until now was the only day we have enjoyed!).

To be fair though we've been adjusting, planning, changing ideas, learning, pulling ourselves out of bad situations and also we've travelled on buses ALOT! We're a lot more savvy to things now, we have the rest of the month planned and nearly booked, so it's all good. Ok so we've gone over-budget because of the (neccessary!) change of plans, but the rest of the countries we'll be visiting are smaller and much cheaper so we should be ok. Also this hotel we're in is the same price as the Eco-Park would have been! So we're not massively over-spending by skipping out on that diastrous cess-pit of a place.

"Pleased to meet you Human, my name is 'The Protector'."

A man and his dog :)

This dog came trotting down to us on the pebble beach and took an instant likening to Jack. He sat, then shook his paw and then lay down with us. Only problem was that he then followed us everywhere! Chasing and barking at any passing car, nearly getting himself run over! Jack named him 'The Protector' as we think he was trying to protect us. 

We didn't want to get him into any mishap though so we had to keep running away from him in the town, but he kept finding us! Barking at us from acorss the street and swiftly galloping over to trot alongside us. We eventually managed to lose him by running down a street and hiding around a corner.

Good dog though.

We think we'll stay another day or two here and go on one of the excusrions on offer, rafting or kayaking perhaps, and then we're going to go camping in the mountains for a few days :) Another way to save the pennies. 

A brief trip to the Hippie town of El Bolson and then it's onto El Calafate where we have our hotel and Glacier Trek booked for Christmas! We're booking the 3 day bus trip tomorrow, it will stop off at hostels and takes the famous Route 40! The longest route in Argentina and one of the largest in the world! No toilet stops pour moi, eeeeeek! If we've hacked 21 hours on a bus (with a rancid toilet might I add) I'm sure we can hack this.....

File:Ruta nacional 40.png
Route 40
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Anya Billard said...

Hiiii, you poor things you, what a nightmare the eco park! glad you are ok now and enjoying yourselves. Thinking about you and following you closely. Huge hugs and kisses xxx

Jez said...

Hi Cassie & Jack. I am so glad you have both found sanctuary instead sanitary! What a shame about the other places but that is what travelling is all about - so keep going and remember there would be no good without the bad or in your case very bad!!!! But both of you look happy and seem to be working well as as a team - a key ingredient to keeping it real when things do not go as planned.
My final thought is please package that dog home to us - the protector is beautiful!!!!!

Take care love

J&J et familiee


Hello Anya and Swallows,

Glad to hear you're all enjoying the blogs :)

It's often the bad experiences that give me more to talk about! When things are good, they're just good! Nothing to rant on about ;)

We're both absolutely fine, we were always fine, just unhappy that first week as everything was SO stressful, especially in & around Buenos Aires & that bloody 'Eco-Traz'.

We're working really well as a team, no fall outs, no problems, just me bossing Jack around and him laughing at my ridiculousness as usual.

Lots of love! :)