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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Last days in Bariloche take two...

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During our last few days in Bariloche we also went to the Ski-Resort of Cerro Catedral. In the winter it is teeming with eager skiers and boarders, but in the summer it was like a ghost town, really weird! The mountains were covered with flowers though so it looked beautiful. 

Static Ski-Lift, eerie

We did ourselves proud (kind of) with our first mini-trek around one of the mountains, effectively just following a ski route and passing views of the lake in the distance. There was a blustery wind down at ground level and we were wrapped up against the chill, but not far up the mountain the clothes simply had to come off! It was baking.

 We also got mobbed by flies all the way, again :( 
Jack spent most of his time flailing his arms around, yelling and swearing with each success of swatting action. I just squealed and threw my arms around. They followed us all the way up the mountain! Buzz buzz buzz buzz! Huge flies they were too. Horrible things. Nipping and pestering.

Despite the bugs, it was a lovely walk.

We stopped at the top of the ski-route and sat ourslelves on one of the chairs for a wee while, taking in the views and hiding from the flies. They only seem to harrass us when we're moving, it must be the sweat, niiiiice!

Heading back down to the Ski Village
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