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Friday, 1 July 2011

Deforestation - We gotta sort it out!

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How can we sit by and watch as the Amazon Rainforest, the most bio-diverse tropical rainforest in the world, dissolves right before our eyes? Can people not see that the destruction of the Amazonian Rainforest will lead to the destruction of human life itself?! There is no time left to remain blinkered, it's no joke, this stuff is real and it's happening NOW. We all share this world, so the responsibility sits on all of our shoulders to turn things around.

'A common estimate is that over half of the species of animals live in the rain forests of the world. To say that many of these are threatened or endangered would be an understatement, especially in light of the many threats that rainforests as a whole face in the world today. These threats are outlined in the Crisis Overview section of Hope For The Rain Forests.'

There are millions of articles out there on the subject, here's one article I found to be pretty informative and straight to the point. It explains how deforestation is not a 'sport' but that it is due to a variety of factors such as over-population. It's easy to say that deforestation must stop, but this can only begin to happen if alternative and efficient solutions are employed, by each and every one of us. The links at the bottom of the page are really good too.

I also recently came across a really great environmental awareness campaign by the Born Free Foundation.

'Using the spectacular photography of George Logan and the skills of Steve Hawthorne and Katy Hopkins at advertising company WCRS Limited, these images of wild animals placed within an urban setting aim to provide a shocking reminder that wildlife is losing its habitat at an alarming rate.'

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