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Saturday, 9 July 2011


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SO, we've finally handed over all of our squirrelled away money-nuts and booked the flights!! I feel slightly sick, I've never spent so much money all at once before, argggggghh!!! It's a scary feeling.

We fly out in December 2011 and return at the end of May 2012!

Now it's serious, eeeeek! My diet of Morrison's value goods for the next five months is no longer such a jovial fact.

Every single penny has to be saved between now and the end of November, otherwise it'll all have been in vain, and what a sad story that would be.

Thank god I have a birthday not long before our departure, phew (breathes huge sigh of relief). Should anyone wish to to treat me for my birthday I think I'll have to ask for only essentials from loved ones this year; some hard-wearing flexible Gortex walking boots please :) or some travel insurance, or a water filter, or some quick drying socks and towel. Jeepers I've got quite the list. Looks like it's a case of 'beg, borrow and steal' for me :s Stumble Upon Toolbar

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