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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jack Gets NEW Trainers, Finally!

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It's the end of an era for Jack and his weathered friends!

 For those of you who know Jack you'll know that he rarely buys new clothes or footwear, or anything for that matter. However, push came to shove today as his toes pushed out through the sides of his trainers and the soles of his feet brushed the concrete pavement for the last time.

 He finally went and bought himself a shiny new pair of trainers (I say trainers, more like slip on pump things).

Only problem is that he can't bear to part with them and wants to keep them! I'm sure they'll make his backpack smell lovely :s

The new additions. Not quite what he wants but they'll do!

Oh and the trashed Converse DID go in the bin, though whenever Jack catches a glimpse of them on the blog he whimpers :(

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Alex Hesketh said...

Soooooo, where is a piccie of the new ones?


I´ve added them on now :)