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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Perito Moreno Glacier on Christmas Day!

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Today was of course Christmas Day, and we had an incredible day trekking the Glacier. One of the most jaw-dropping sights I think we'll ever see.

We began the morning early and exchanged a couple of little presents, even though we said we wouldn't as the Glacier trek was a big enough present as it is, but it's always nice to have just a little something on Christmas morning :)

Jack got me a ring, which I had chosen last week in Bariloche (NOT an engagement ring, before some of you ask!) and I got Jack a hat, which he really ended up needing for the day ahead of icy winds!

It's pretty late here and I'm so so tired, so this post will be short and mainly image based, but the photos say it all anyway!

All I will add is that the tour company we booked with were fantastic, really helpful and fun team of guides. If anyone is ever thinking of going to Patagonia and trekking the Glacier, go with Hielo y Adventura!

A big chunk had just fallen off, you can see the ripples coming away from the  Glacier. I got it on film:)

On the boat taking us to the Glacier for the trek


The Glacier water is pure as pure can be

The tour even gave us free Whiskey, Jack very happy!

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Anya Billard said...

OMG, it just looks amazing honey! wow, what a Christmas day. xxxx I've been watching the Frozen Planet, watching big chunks falling off the end of a glacier to form icebergs and you witnessed it first hand. How did you enjoy the trip? huge kisses to you bothh


It was really pretty cool! We had a great day. You can hear the Glacier creak, it's really eerie. Then follows a resounding rumble, almost like thunder and then you see a big chunk break off and tumble down into the lake. We enjoyed sitting and watching it the most! xxxxxxx