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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

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Sooo, we're here in South America!...and have been for 5 days now, even though it honestly feels like weeks, even months! We haven't stopped! Starting off in Buenos Aires, we quickly made the decision to spend only one night there (cities just don't do it for us). As bustling and vibrant as the city is, we're not into the party scene, neither are we here to shop, so a quick get-away was definitely the better option. We'd planned to stay 3 days in Buenos Aires, but the heat, noise and crowds (not shown here in the more picturesque photos) were just not what we'd call fun. Not to mention the constant guarding of belongings in busy places (we'd heard various stories about dodgy goings on regarding backpackers and theft attempts). It all seemed so much more like hard work than fun. So to Iguazu we fled!

Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls

The heat is immense in Iguazu, and yes we were slightly burnt from a day of trekking around the waterfalls, but it was SO much fun. We were exhausted by the end of the day. Worth it though!

Also in the Iguazu National Park there are lots of different trails you can experience that take you along a guided path through the jungle (quite a tame part of jungle mind you), but nethertheless we saw giant ants, lizards, monkeys, butterfly swarms and Coati (also known as the Brazilian Aardvark).

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Alex Hesketh said...

Hey guys, the photos are incredible,can't wait for more. Love Mommy

Anya Billard said...

hi guys, it looks amazing! the falls must have been quite something to see. Glad you're both having fun. Loads of love xxxxxxxxx


Hello sister and momma!

The Falls were indescribable. I wish everyday could be like that day! xxx