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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Last days in Bariloche

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So I'm kind of behind regarding the blogging situation as I can't always get that long on a computer. Even here in the hotel in El Calafate where it's free, people linger outside the door obviously waiting to get on them. So I type fast! It's the photos that take ages to upload, yawn.

Anyway, before we left Bariloche we made sure we checked out a really amazing vista point we'd read about called Cerro Campanario. The views looked pretty incredible, so off we went. On the map it was marked very clearly and all we had to do was hop on a bus along one main road and hop off again about 20 minutes later. But this is us, and of course we got lost.

We ended up walking around for a good 2 hours trying to find the place. We'd spotted a mountain with what looked like a building on top, but we couldn't see any ski-lift cables that take you up there. It took another hour of trundling around until they became visible behind the trees. In our defence when we finally found it the signs were hidden behind overgrown bushes!

It was nearing the end of the day (due to the getting lost) and we only had about half an hour up at the view-point, so we hurredly jumped onto one of the ski-lift chairs and ascended up the mountain. It was only at that point that I remembered how scared of heights I am!

Me NOT happy!
I whimpered all the way, clinging to Jack and the railing like a Limpet. Jack found my panic very amusing and thought it would be a good idea to make it bounce a little, in which I responded with, "JACK if you even MOVE, I WILL break up with you!!!!!"

A fake smile can go a long way (was still scared!)

Thankfully we made it, and despite it being a very windy and cloudy day, the views were AMAZING!!!

Happier going back down towards ground level. Phew.

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