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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Argentina - Waterfalls and Eco-worlds

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Though our itinerary is not scratched in stone, and is of course subject to spontaneous new ideas as we stumble across them, one thing we do know is that our first port of call in Argentina will be the breath taking Iguazu Falls. We'll take a boat trip that actually takes you under the waterfalls, and yes, we'll get very wet! Thankfully temperatures in Argentina in December are at the higher end of the scale, so I imagine drying off shouldn't be too much of a problem :) We think starting here will set us off on a truly high note for the forth coming journey, how could it not?!

From Iguazu Falls we'll head down to our first volunteer project, the Eco-Yoga-Park :)

'The Park, created in 1996, is located 60 km from Buenos Aires in a beautiful and unique rural area, surrounded by the greenlands of La Pampa, Argentina. We are a community of diverse people who work together towards a holistic lifestlye in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We aim to live in harmony with the environment, working with projects that focus on self-sustainability.'

Volunteers work for 4 1/2 hours a day in sustainable activities during the morning; the work consists of organic farming, eco-construction, eco tourism, helping in the kitchen, teaching English to members of the community, there's also a high emphasis on art and filming. In the afternoon they are free to take part in the Park´s activities (hatha yoga, meditation with tibetan bells, music theraphy with oriental instruments, pranayama program, movies, etc.), or simply relax, read a book, or take a walk through the surrounding rural environment. 

'All the year around, volunteers from all over the world come to the Park to discover their skills, get in contact with mother earth, help us improve our local community, get to know new people, learn Spanish and enjoy nature and the experience of living in our community.'

I can see myself getting into the Yoga, something I've always wanted to try. My sister got quite into it and raved about it's positive effects on the mind and body. I'd love to learn about it properly. I can see Jack getting his hands dirty in organic farming, and later lounging in a hammock, nose in book, soaking up the afternoon sunshine. 

Check out the PHOTOS, the place looks simply amazing. 
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