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Thursday, 7 July 2011

'Young, Gifted and Skint Fund'

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Just a note to remind myself that as exciting, exhilarating and totally worth-while this trip will be, it has not come without a price. With still another 5 months to go until we plan to take off, I'm already having to force myself to live off peanuts, literally (I admittedly often try to skip buying lunch at work and eat nibbles instead).

To put things into context I have £50 to live off this month, and £30 of that will have to go on transport to and from work, thus leaving me a grand £20 pounds to spend on food. How exciting. It seems socialising is out of the question, thank god for having a family and fella close by.

Instead of grumbling about it, which I know I'm clearly doing now, I'm going to try and embrace it (I say that about most things that at first glance seem all doom and gloom). 

Can I make £20 last the month? Can I make this a challenge instead of an obstacle? I don't think I really have a choice :/

Looks like Morrison's value crumpets and baked beans are the only things on my shopping list this month.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I know this is all my own choice. I'm just stating the fact that this wonderful trip (and indeed it will be a wonderful trip) is not coming easy.

I admit I'm very lucky to be able to live at home with my Mum or with my boyfriend, so I do get offered lots of free meals, which is actually a god send while trying to squirrel away every penny, and I'm ever so thankful! I know it may sound 'cheap' but if the offers there of course I'm not going to turn it down, that would be madness. Plus it's simply the only way I can live off such a small monthly budget and put away the target amount I need to make the trip possible.

Normally I would have £100 to spend per month on food, transport and anything extra. This month however has brought with it a cousins 30th birthday, my nephews 7th birthday, my sisters wedding is coming up and my other sister is soon to have her third kiddie..... Being one to plan in advance I've managed to half my monthly budget for myself to live off. Uh oh.

As I've said, I am fortunate enough to have a really lovely family and boyfriend who seem to want to feed me :) and I don't take any of it for granted.

So there you have it people. I'm skint, and welcoming handouts ;)

Please contact me to donate accordingly ;) 
(I'm joking of course.... well, kind of)

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