We will be spending time at a Volunteering Project in Chile: 'Save The Wild Chinchillas' - Habitat Re-establishment

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


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'Ecoteer believe the way to solve human inequality and environmental destruction is to provide more people with the chance to experience first-hand the real problems in other countries and communities.'

Ecoteer is believed to be one of the very few true ethical and responsible volunteering companies, this is because they have taken out the middleman. Over 25% of their projects are free and if you do have to pay money you give it direct to the project, that way you know 100% of your money is given to the actual project! Even the projects that do result in a cost are still extremely reasonable.

Ecoteer is a community of volunteers and grass root organisations where they can contact each other directly, there are no giant conglomerates or greedy business minds behind the organisation.

I have now officially become an Ecoteer member, having paid my £15 yearly membership fee (a steal!).

I'm now in the process of investigating all of the projects available and where they're based. As a member I have my own account and can manage it to my preferences. At the moment I'm saving certain projects as my 'favourites' so that I can then go back over my list, ponder, edit and then decide on the definite winners.
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