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Friday, 4 November 2011

Ecuador Animal Rescue

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It's been a little while since my last post, but my excuses are valid considering I've recently been battling a pretty vicious reaction to one of the vaccinations we've had to have. I got jabbed on my 26th birthday with the Yellow Fever, and by day 3 I was shivering and shaking with a fever you wouldn't even wish upon your worst of enemies.

To top it off, I caught 'the lurgy' at the same time, urrggghhh, so I've been coughing and spluttering and talking like Marge Simpson for the past week. Good news is I'm on the mend and I've just confirmed our final volunteering post in Ecuador through Ecuador Eco Volunteer.

For a mere £16 each we have now confirmed our places as volunteers at an Amazonian Animal Rescue Centre for our final month in South America.

Ecuador has the highest rate of deforestation in South America which is why such organisations need volunteers to help on these Amazon conservation programs.

A volunteer at Ecuador Eco Volunteer
"This Animal Rescue Center runs one of the most successful breeding and rehabilitation programs in Latin America for endangered wildlife that have been displaced due to deforestation and other rare and exotic animals that have been rescued by police from the cruel multi billion dollar black market animal trade. The rescued animals are free to life safely without fear of poachers and bulldozers on the 1,000 hectare of pristine rainforest on the Animal Rescue Centers property."

I've had my eyes on this organisation from the beginning, it has lots of projects on offer and at £140 per person for a whole month it's pretty budget-traveller friendly :)

We'd get the weekends off and the organisation offers discounts on it's trekking expeditions for volunteers, so each weekend we'll get to go off and explore new lands such as 'The Lost Pryamid' and 'The Lagoons of El Altar', plus loads more!

The Lost Pryamid
The Lost Pryamid

Lagoons of El Altar
Lagoons of El Altar
Mount Chimborazo
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