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Thursday, 10 March 2011

BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide

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Having still not received a response from the volunteer projects I contacted I've decided to look at alternative travel ideas. I would love to get involved in a volunteer scheme, to do something totally selfless for a while, but so far it's proving fruitless :( I will contact more though, I'm not yet entirely deterred just yet. Anyway, I'm pretty into the idea of living and working abroad now. BUNAC offer some great deals and they really help you find your feet once you arrive on the other side of the pond. At the moment I'm considering going to Melbourne, I say at the moment as I do have a tendency to flit between ideas quite swiftly, this can mostly be blamed on having a boyfriend and having to compromise on what may or may not happen in six months time. I have friends in Melbourne and would love to travel Australia anyway, the Coral Reef, near by exotic lands and Koalas are something I definitely want to experience! I'm thinking traveling around while en-route to Oz would be the best way to see some more of the world, then settle down under for a while, find a job and enjoy the sunshine!

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