We will be spending time at a Volunteering Project in Chile: 'Save The Wild Chinchillas' - Habitat Re-establishment

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Volunteering our way around South America

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Well, Oz and New Zealand are off the map now, for this trip anyway. Turns out we were perhaps being a tad ambitious thinking we could do it all in one fell swoop. South America has now become the sole focus!

So, we're barely one month away from booking the flights! The hefty six month trip will be in the bag very shortly :)

We're also finally decided on the where’s, what’s and why’s.

As mentioned in the 'The Trip' page of this blog we'll be snaking our way down through the countries along the West coast.

UK - Peru - Ecuador - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - UK (or possibly in the reverse order)

I've recently put together a well-researched list of volunteer projects of interest in each country we'll be visiting. Jack laughed at me as I just love to make lists, if ever there's an opportunity to write a concise list of something or other I'm on the case! Volunteering our way around South America is the most interesting and cost-effective way to do so, we believe so anyway. We don’t want to be snap-happy tourists, we want to immerse ourselves, develop friendships and learn about alternative (perhaps even better) ways of living and viewing the world we live in :) Stumble Upon Toolbar

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