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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Unreported World

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A couple of days ago I came across the most recent Unreported World documentary on Illegal Animal Trade, on Channel 4’s catch-up service 4OD. I instantly knew I would find it painful to watch and told myself I wouldn’t do it. Curiosity took a hold of me and within 24 hours Jack and I sat down to watch the hard-hitting documentary, wincing all the way. It’s so horrible to know that these things are going on in the world every single day while we sit comfortable and content in our lovely warm homes, surrounded by all our ‘riches’ that we so often take for granted.
It’s a killer to watch, but I think it’s necessary to know what’s really going on in the world. If we’re not aware then we can’t do anything to help put an end to the cruelty and devastation. 

This particular episode focuses upon Indonesia, however we can't forget that this illegal activity is taking place in many other parts of the world.

We must also not forget that a lot of these issues are part and parcel of a much deeper rooted problem, the West is no innocent party. It is the responsibility of everyone to change their ways to allow for a better, honest and more sustainable future. 

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