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Monday, 9 January 2012

Pooches & Pusscats in South America

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Here in South America there are many many pooches. Some of which are owned, and many of which are not.  It seems to be the way over here though, they prance around the streets alongside us humans and just blend in. They all seem pretty well fed though (execept one very sad case in Iguazu that was in a very bad way, we didn't take a photo but we did name him Rat-Fink and fed him bacon flavoured crisp snacks, he was so poorly he wasn't very interested though)

Thankfully all the other dogs we've seen have been in ok shape, very friendly and very happy to meet humans! Pusscats are less common it seems, but we've come across a few. They're a bit more wary but still very cute.

Here are some of the ones we've had the pleasure to meet......

Cream is the fashionable shade in El Chalten

Happy Pooch in El Calafate

He followed us, just as they all do! :)

Soft pooch in Peurto Natales

Bin Bandit in Puerto Natales! Food all down it's front and peering longingly through a gate that led to another bin!

The old dudes having a siesta


Reminds me of a larger Shula? (family will know who I mean)

This cat was skitz! Leaping all over the place at thin air

Mini legs

Fox like pooch

Icca bicca little doggy sleeping in the bus station

Soooooooooo cute

This pooch was sleeping in the bushes, it came out and scared the hell out of me, madly barking at some guys walking it's way. They turned around in the end! It didn't seem to mind Jack and I though and even joined in for the posing photo! (see left)

The Pucon Protector

Big fatty in Pucon! :) Very excited

"Where are you going?" :(

Doggie snogs through the gate

"Who ARE yoooou?!"
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