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Monday, 9 January 2012

Hats Galore in Pucon

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We've been sitting out the bad weather here in Pucon not only by hiding away in internet cafes (obviously!) but we went for a wander yesterday and bought ourselves some new hats....you can never have enough hats! There's a really amazing inside market here full of knitted goods and all sorts of carved wooden gifts. 

I saw gifts for everyone back home! But had to resist as we just can't carry them around for another 5 months. Presents will be bought when we get nearer to the end of our travels in Peru and Ecuador. My mum, the knitting enthusiast (Hi Mum!), would be overwhelmed by all the wool they had in the market, huge candyfloss shaded balls of it, three times the size of footballs and with yarn inches thick. 

Huge chunks of wool in every colour

I wanted to take photos of all of it but felt really cheeky doing so, so I snapped the general aisle that the little shops sat along. The photos don't give the best image of the place as I really wanted to get closer to all the merchandise, but I just felt it wouldn't be appreciated, so I let that one go. 

There were so many bobble hats to choose from! I got myself one from a little old Chilean lady who was very sweet, she barely spoke English but after a bit of gesturing and various noises she managed to find the words, "......come on in!" There was also a cool little fat faced troll figure with crazy white hair that I pointed out to Jack (he loves trolls and knomes), the little old lady managed to translate what it said on the front...."It says....errr.....ummm......hmmm...........I LOVE YOU!" I really wanted to buy it but we have to be really strict with oursleves as we just can't be buying many things at this point. Shame though.

My new hat 

Jacks new hat!

A really pretty flower stall

Just some new building I liked the look of

The little harbour
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