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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sucre dogs and some sunshine

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A few photos from our time in Sucre, Bolivia. We are still here until early March, and I must note that since these photos were taken all it has done is rain. We don't really mind though, at least we got to see some incredible lightening during the storms!

Sica, the Guesthouse pooch

Sica in her bed under the stairs

A very hot day

A HUGE moth, took us a while to figure out it was real

A local pooch, we call him the 'Wise Dog', as he is always sat outside on his stoop watching the world go by

These lot look like they're having a Mothers Meeting

The Angry Duo, they chase off every other neighbouring dog

'Wise Dog' 

We call this sorry state 'Rat-Fink the 2nd'...as there was a previous sad pooch in Puerto Iguazu that looked just as unkempt :(

We think someone had rescued her as she was shaven and had a tea-towel to wear, we noticed her wearing different outfits on different days....one of which had buttons and a collar!

Jack the cook :)

View from the kitchen balcony

The balcony leading out from the kitchen
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