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Friday, 7 October 2011

Mama Kia's Orphanage in Peru

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As we've lots of plans to volunteer with projects helping the small and furry creatures of this world we thought it would be a good idea to volunteer alongside some of our own species too.

I was reading through some blogs on TravelPod, which we will also be using while we're away (you can find our TravelPod site here)... anyway, I found a post by a couple who had really great things to say about an orphanage in Peru, and so I came across Casa De Milagros (House of Miracles).

I have sent Casa De Milagros an email and hopefully we will be able to set something up so that we can volunteer or visit there for a bit while we're in Peru. If so, I hope we will also be able to spread the word amongst you guys at home and beyond, and encourage any kind donations for the orphanage.

Here's a really inspiring video about the lady that began Casa De Milagros, Mama Kia, who sadly passed away in 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: The address at the end of the video to send donations to is no longer valid! For donation information please visit their how to help page.

"Our orphanage is a unique healing home where we encourage growth by providing the children with proper health, a good education, art, and recreational and social activities. At Casa de Milagros the children and adults live as a single family, in an atmosphere filled with love and creativity. Living within a cooperative environment all of our children learn how to manage interpersonal relationships, respect each other, and use non-offensive verbal communication. We are a home where children can be children."

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